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Fairfield Interfaith Food Pantry

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Since its inception in 1993, the Fairfield Interfaith Food Pantry has served more than 24,500 needy families and 63,100 needy individuals throughout seven communities in our area. The need for food relief has never been greater and, accordingly, neither has the need for support from our present and future generous donors.

Donations always welcomed

Canned items - baked beans, vegetables, fruit, pasta, soup

  • Bathroom items - shampoo, toilet paper, tooth brushes, tooth paste
  • Boxed items - Macaroni and cheese, instant potatoes, crackers
  • Any non-perishable items


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this Site in memory of :

Theresa Davis, Sidney Keith, Peggy Stowers, Ivan Roy, John Julia, Rev. Marcel Dumoulin, Elaine Kin Foster Pooler, Norma Perry, Cornelius F. Ross, Catherine Blackwell, Marcelle Donahue, Allie W. King Jr., Hebert H Scribner, Kathleene Heald, Juliette Gauthier, Robert Bob Gilbert, Lillian Hatch, Leo S. DeRaps, Rev. Richard Edoward St.Cyr, Lucille Longley, Jane Parker Carlson, Joseph Blackney Jr., James St. Amand, Frances Burke, Daniel Webster, Charlene Emma Bickford, Leslie Coleman "Pal" Clark, Theresa Thibodeau Davis, Constance Bouchard, Harry Carl Everett, Mary Elizabeth Joney Nye, Beverly Lee Teague, Phillip Eugene Ware, Linda Hanson, Terince Edward Lawe, Eva Grover, Richard Tompkins, Margaret Hart, Vivian Gail Chase

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